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Updated: Feb 6

Self-love and being in a heart centered space is key. Next to forgiveness, it is the single most important aspect in healing.

We are raised with limiting beliefs, such as, we are not good enough, not smart enough, and frankly, not enough of anything and the list goes on forever. We start to make value judgments on ourselves based on these beliefs, and we start to tell ourselves the same things and even add onto the list.

Our energy attracts people into our lives who confirm what we thought to be true about ourselves. We get into non-loving and unsupportive relationships. We suffer traumas and hold on to them. Soon, we spiral deeper and deeper into an emotional abyss as the emotional baggage we've dragging around starts to pull us down. Each little thing causes tears in our protective energy field, Aura, and then diseases start to arise from carrying these lower emotions around with us. We develop depression, anxiety, stress, fear, etc. All of these we hold in our lower chakras. When were are stuck in our lower emotions, we are stuck in our sympathetic nervous system, or in other words, fight or flight, trying to survive.

I only allow loving and supportive relationships into my life from this moment forward.

I know all this sounds hopeless, but that couldn't be further from the truth. However, it does take work to release these lower emotions and even traumas. Deep work including Inherited Family Trauma/ Early Attachment Trauma Therapy, Positive Neuroplasticity, Reiki or Soul Mastery Coaching can help and be part of the journey (All of which I offer here at Evolutionary Minded Wellness).

Self-love is our goal, but how do we get there?

It starts with a willingness to let go….doing the deep work...that is the first step in loving yourself. Wanting to heal and allowing yourself to heal are truly acts of loving yourself. You may wonder, how could anyone not want to let go, but we humans become comfortable in an outcome we are familiar with. We know how to handle that, but stepping into the unknown is terrifying.

However, we just need to begin to set an intention for healing our wounds, feel gratitude, trust that our intention will be manifested, take action to make it happen and surrender our creations to a higher power.

The next step is forgiveness. Forgive yourself, everyone and every situation that brought you to the place you are right now. And bless those events, because no one that has walked this path has done so unscathed.

“The cracks are where the light gets in"


We cannot grow to the point of learning to love ourselves if we don’t understand what suffering is. The events in our life shape us and motivate us to become better versions of ourselves. They are a tool for learning, but if we don't learn the lesson from the events we will repeat the same mistakes over and over again until we do. Suffering ends when self-love begins. And when self-love begins, we clear those blockages in our lower chakras and free trapped energy. When self love begins, we move into our heart center, our heart chakra begins to clear and heal which allows the life force energy to once again move freely in a flow state through us and keep us well.

When we love ourselves, we also will love all others as well.

Doing the "great work" through any of the sessions I mentioned above is a way to show yourself love. It is and act of self-care, setting time aside for yourself to allow healing. A spa day, a manicure, a bath, a cup of tea, meditation, a walk in nature, less screen time, and a fun day out with friends are all small ways of practicing self-love in our daily lives.

Food for thought: What is our greatest fear? Death? What if it is stepping into our own magnificence and living our lives to their fullest potential?

Contact me for a discovery call to see how I can help...

I love you,


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