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Healing Begins on the Quantum Level


Evolutionary Minded Wellness is a place for people to heal and find harmony from within. We hold all of our healers up to a high standard of excellence.  All practitioners sharing space at the wellness center must reflect our mission to help people rise up to their fullest potential, as they are part of the greater whole that is Evolutionary Minded Wellness.



When we work in community, we flow through one another seamlessly, like the infinity symbol, (if you can imagine it in motion). There is a continual flow and exchange of energy. We work in harmony towards the greater good of the whole.  We are like mirrors reflecting the beauty of the other. We are also a light in the darkness for others, like the reflection of street lights on a dark, wet street, we reflect our light deeply within others.



MetaArt and Ocular Meditation with
Lee Ann Heltzel

MetaArt is a new genre of visual art that energetically transforms the space it inhabits to that of a specific frequency. It is a form of art that is not only beautiful to look at, but more importantly, an active portal into higher states of consciousness.

angela headshot.png

Shamanic Healing
with Angela 

The Rose Heart Shaman

Angela, the Rose Heart, is a modern Shaman who incorporates traditional and new-age spiritual practices to clear negative energy from people, places, and things. Her core intention and mission is to heal the hearts and minds of people who seek her help and counsel. She customizes the experience based on clients' intentions to free themselves of pain, suffering, emotional trauma, physical ailments, mental blocks, and negative energetic or spiritual attachments. Angela aligns with Spirit, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, the client's oversoul, and beautiful crystals for a nurturing, healing experience unique for each client. When one's heart is free, Angela sees the heart open into a rose in bloom—the Rose Heart.


Experience Inherited Family Trauma Therapy, Reiki and Akashic Records Readings with Sharon DiMatteo

Inherited Family Trauma:

Symptoms are a doorway to healing. With family trauma work, I can leverage those symptoms to guide you to finding the root cause.


Through this work, I can help you  in unraveling the complexities of family trauma, guiding you toward profound healing and restoration.


By understanding the symptoms as signals, we navigate toward resolution, fostering understanding, empathy, and resilience within the family unit…past, present and future, through your personal work.


Take the courageous step to know yourself on a deeper level and live a harmonious life filled with joy. Contact me today for a discovery call and to embark on this transformative journey of healing and connection.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing that helps clear blockages and disruptions in a person's body. Using Reiki and energy medicine techniques, my role as an energy worker is not only to help energy flow through your subtle body, but also to help you lower resistance to the sensations you are experiencing which will allow you to move more energy to your chakras and tap into your inner energy or inner aliveness and start living the life of joy you deserve. 


I like to make each person's experience personalized, so after reviewing your intake form and speaking with you, I will customize your experience with color, sound, and aromatherapy during your reiki session. 


Through this work, you will begin to heal on an emotional level and, because everything is connected, often you will begin to heal on a physical level as well. 

The Akashic records are a quantum space where all the memories from all of our past lifetimes, past, present and future are kept.

Through all of the lives that we live as we incarnate over and over again, the only thing that changes is the body we incarnate into. We arrive into that new body with the same soul, but we also bring along the same energetic blockages we created in those previous  lifetimes. If we have not cleared or learned from the karma from a previous life, it travels with us to give us the opportunity to learn from it and turn into Dharma in our current lifetime. 


So, what is holding you back from stepping into your space of joy?

Karen Kubicko

Past life regressions, Intuitive Psychic readings and more with Karen

Karen Ann Kubicko is a past life regressionist and intuitive psychic reader passionate about teaching and helping others heal through working with their spirit guides, angels, and the patterns found in their own past lives.


Since 2004, the study of all spiritually healing concepts and modalities, angels, spirit guides, reincarnation and past life regression has been her passion.


Karen completed the Past Life Therapy Professional Training course with Carole and Dr. Brian Weiss in 2007. She has personally remembered well over 150 past lives and has helped numerous others remember their own past lives.


Journey Deeper with Jennifer Evanko

As a Soul Mentor, Jennifer is adept at facilitating the rich inner experiences that will enable you to expand your awareness, access your hidden resources, and activate your deepest spiritual, sensory, and multidimensional capacities.

The time is now. There are no mistakes. You’re here for a reason. When the voice of your Soul Speaks with unerring wisdom . . . a measure of your power is how closely you listen.

DenaD 165 x 165 headshot.png

Support for Your Next Chapter with Dena DeLuco

Hello, Sweet Sister. I’m Dena DeLuco—

Light Keeper for women embarking on the uncharted territories within their inner being.


I am calling all leaders, lightworkers, changemakers and wisdom keepers who hold a deep desire to be a beacon of light; to step into the fullness of their expression, and crave a loving, proficient presence to hold space with and for them along the way. 


Together we will explore the recesses of our hidden realm and bring forward our gifts, reprogram the mis-information, heal our deepest wounds and unleash our power and light… from the inside-out! Through a variety of spiritual, energetic and mental journeys, I help women access the treasure and wonders of their multi-dimensional consciousness. I offer simple yet profound tools so that you can step into the fullness of the highest version of you… with ease; with grace; with flow!

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