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About Quantum Healing
The Principle of Vibration


"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates." 

The Kybalion (Emerald Tablet)


The ancient Egyptians were the masters of healing. They understood the Hermetic principles, written in the Emerald Tablet, and vibration was a big one for them. I recently was in Egypt and had the rare opportunity to experience this for myself. We had a 2 hour private tour of the Great Pyramid and did a tonation exercise inside the King’s chamber. (Spoiler alert! The Pyramids were not funerary chambers, but they were energy generators.) 


When we started tonating, energy moved through our bodies like electricity, resonating our cells into their proper frequencies. My husband actually thought he was being electrocuted at one point from the intensity of the feeling. We tonated until the leader of our group clapped his hands and said we could lay or sit on the floor. We all dove for the safety of the floor, feeling as if we were about to collapse from the energy that was flowing through us. We lay there for a long time meditating on what lies ahead for us in the future. When we exited the Great Pyramid in the darkness of night, we all felt so alive, we knew from that moment forward nothing would be the same. It was magical! There was a new light to follow at the end of the tunnel.


Every experience and interaction I have had since that day feels different, better, more appreciated, more meaningful, more joy filled. The experience was truly on the level of magical and should be shared. And as I said earlier, the ancient Egyptians knew the secrets of healing with vibration. My travels to Egypt and experiencing the magical healing powers of vibration myself, has awakened a memory in me, one that feels like I have done this type of healing before. I am bringing this esoteric healing modality back to the West to help everyone heal from the emotional wounds they are living with. All of the services offered by Evolutionary Minded Wellness will use this principle. 


Why did we feel electricity flowing through us?


When our heart beats, it creates an electrical field around us called a toroidal field. It is an electromagnetic field. You can also call this our auric field.The toroidal fields are the etheric layer, the emotional, the mental, the astral, the etheric template, the celestial, and the causal. Each layer of the aura has its own frequency and holds different forms of information. The etheric layer is the basic life force indicator and easiest to be detected by other people. It is the layer of the aura that is closest to our bodies. In this field we feel physical pain and sensations of pleasure. This layer is why people that lose a limb have phantom pain in the area where there limb used to be. The remaining fields or layers are increasingly hard to detect. The emotional and mental layers are often seen as colors, and have to do with our feelings and thoughts. The healthier we are the brighter and clearer these fields will be. The astral layer represents a bridge to your spiritual realm and is the doorway to the astral plane. This field indicates your spiritual health. The etheric template layer communicates physical illness.


Many of the pyramids we toured had ceilings that were stepped in an upside down step pattern. This was for the purpose of vibration of sound. Like the toning we did. When we tonated, we created a giant energetic toroidal field around us. Like we were in an energy bubble. The experience was incredible as each of us tonated a different vowel sound, which we each intuitively chose, and which resonated our cells back into their proper frequency. So the feeling of electricity we experienced was life force energy circulating through our toroidal field.This can be compared to the way our hearts circulate the blood through our bodies and call upon our lungs to oxygenate the blood. The tonating work we did called in this life force energy.




Everything is energy and we believe that healing begins at the spiritual or quantum level. Color, Sound and Aroma are all frequencies.


Our cells also vibrate at certain frequencies and when we have emotional blockages in our body systems, we begin to have illnesses and disease because our life force energy cannot flow properly. (For more information on emotional blockages and energy, read my blogs)

By using the proper frequencies and setting the intention to release what doesn’t serve you, will enable the frequencies to help you shift your emotions to a higher level of polarity.


When we hold lower vibrational emotions inside of us, we cause a blockage in the proper flow of energy through our cells. This causes disease to set in. Our use of sound here at EMW will create a similar experience for you as the toning in the Great Pyramid did for us. We have carefully chosen specific sacred geometry and music that uses the Solfeggio frequencies to resonate your cells to their proper frequency. Along with our knowledge of sound, light and aroma frequencies, we will discuss issues that may be holding you in a lower frequency pattern and help you to release those issues, so you can hold on to the higher frequency you will have raised the polarity of your vibration to. Check out our services to see what options work for you. Even if it is just a simple meditation, we provide space for you to do just that.  We have several options at different price levels to help you resonate back to great health and living in joy. 


I transmuted all of the pain I entered Egypt with through the energetic experiences I had with sound, light and aromatherapy…not to mention a Wisdom Keeper of the Giza region who called me out on all of my sh**!, which I truly appreciated because as he told us all, “you can’t be a healer until you heal yourself”. I know there is always more to improve upon, but I was there to do the work that it took to heal myself, so I can now be present for all of you and help you step into the full, healthy, joy filled life you deserve.


I have spent countless hours studying the uses of these frequencies, as well as learning the Pharaohs healing secrets from a Wisdom Keeper of the Giza plateau, to be able to understand how to use these frequencies together to blend a custom experience for you. Book your experience now.  With a willingness on your part to let go of the things that no longer serve you, and our knowledge of vibrational healing, we would love to assist you to step into your space of joy.

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