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Anthropos: Soul Mastery Program

Know Thyself: Becoming Fully Realized

Learn how to turn your Pain into Purpose

Embark on a Journey of Enlightenment with "Know Thyself: Becoming Fully Realized" - Your Premier Soul Mastery Program

Dive deep into the essence of your being and catalyze profound spiritual transformation through soul mastery. This all-encompassing Soul Mastery Program is thoughtfully designed to guide you through an enlightening journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual ascension, now featuring the pivotal practice of Pineal Gland Activation.

About the Program:

"Know Thyself" seamlessly integrates the ascension teachings of Mary Magdalene, the ancient wisdom of the Emerald Tablet with a focus on spiritual alchemy, and the transformative practice of Pineal Gland Activation. This program offers personalized Akashic Records readings, chakra balancing, and soul retrieval, alongside in-depth generational family trauma work with genograms and exclusive access to our healing circles.

What You Will Experience:

Based on the Ascension teachings of Mary Magdalene, the teachings of the Emerald tablet, spiritual alchemy, my ability to journey into the akashic records and retrieve information, generational and early trauma healing. I will take you on a path that will lead to your wholeness and teach you resilience.

  • Ascension Teachings of Mary Magdalene & Spiritual Alchemy: Learn key knowledge with a glimpse into the profound spiritual teachings and transformative alchemy that elevate consciousness and unlock divine potential.

  • Emerald Tablet Wisdom: Unearth the age-old principles of transformation, learning the art of turning your inner lead into gold through spiritual practices. Learn how to use these principles in your daily life to manifest the life of your desires.

  • Pineal Gland Activation: Awaken your third eye to enhance intuition, spiritual awareness, and connection to the universal consciousness, guiding you towards enlightened insight and perception.

  • Akashic Records Reading: Receive personalized insights to navigate your soul’s journey, revealing life patterns and purposes.

  • Chakra Balancing: Achieve emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony by restoring balance to your body's energy centers through deep meditation and energy healing.

  • Soul Retrieval & Generational Healing: Journey inward to recover the fragmented parts of your soul and use genograms for healing inherited traumas, fostering a legacy of wellness and liberation.

Program Structure:

Spread over six months, "Know Thyself: Becoming Fully Realized" offers a structured yet deeply personal journey designed for comprehensive transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

  • A personal akashic records reading for your soul which includes a chakra clearing and alignment session

  • Early attachment trauma work with soul retrieval work

  • Full Inherited Family Trauma work and Early attachment Trauma work complete with genogram

  • 3 Personal 1 hour one on one meetings per month (in-person, zoom or phone) to do the deeper work

  • Healing relationship patterns

  • Group classes based on ascension teachings, spiritual alchemy and the Emerald tablet and discussions on these spiritual teachings (classes will be recorded and accessible through a password protected account on my website)

  • Practices you can do outside of working with me to lock in the learning experience.

  • Energy healing when required by means of, but not limited to, Reiki, Sound, Qigong and movement.

  • Mirror work

This work will be done in a specific order to address the most important issues first.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is perfect for those who are:

  • Seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual essence and interconnectedness with the universe.

  • Ready to heal and transcend past traumas, releasing limiting beliefs and patterns.

  • Desirous of awakening their spiritual potential and aligning their lives with their true purpose.

  • Looking to cultivate inner peace, balance, and a harmonious existence.

  • Feeling emotionally drained after spending time in crowded or emotionally charged environments.

  • Having difficulty discerning between personal emotions and those absorbed from others.

  • Taking on others' emotional burdens, sometimes at the expense of personal well-being.

  • Struggling to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships due to heightened sensitivity.

  • Experiencing overwhelming anxiety or stress in emotionally intense situations.

  • Feeling a strong obligation to solve others' problems, often neglecting personal needs.

  • Finding it challenging to detach from the suffering or pain observed in the world.

  • Being heavily influenced by others' moods or energies, leading to physical discomfort.

  • Prioritizing the care of others over personal self-care and needs.

  • Experiencing a sense of isolation or loneliness due to a lack of understanding from others about empathic experiences.

Why Choose "Know Thyself"?

  • Holistic Transformation: Embark on a spiritual journey that promises profound personal growth and enlightenment.

  • Comprehensive Healing: This program combines ancient spiritual teachings with modern healing modalities, including the cutting-edge practice of Pineal Gland Activation, offering a pathway to spiritual rebirth.

  • Supportive Community: Gain access to a nurturing healing circle of like minded individuals and receive personalized mentorship to ensure a supported journey.

Join Us Today

Step into a life of greater meaning, fulfillment, and spiritual enlightenment with "Know Thyself: Becoming Fully Realized." This is your invitation to unlock the mysteries of your soul, embrace transformative spiritual practices, and awaken your pineal gland for an elevated state of consciousness.

Due to the intimate nature of this program, spaces are limited to ensure each participant receives the guidance they deserve. Secure your spot in this transformative Soul Mastery Program now and start your journey towards full realization.

For pricing, enrollment details and more information, email Sharon using the link below.

Your path to self-discovery, pineal gland activation, and spiritual enlightenment begins now.

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