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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. Cleverness is a mere opinion. Bewilderment brings intuitive knowledge."


I find it fascinating the way nature speaks to us. My dog loves the snow and can’t wait to go out for her morning walk so she can play in it. Being a small Pekingese, she’s only a foot off the ground, so when we have more than 6 inches, she has to settle for going out in the backyard. One snowy February morning this past winter, I shoveled out a path for her and while I was waiting for her to finish playing, I became mesmerized by all the white snow that surrounded me.

There is so much stillness and beauty immediately after a snowfall. So, I took this opportunity to stop, pause and reflect. I began to stare at all the beauty around me. I became acutely aware of the details of everything. Upon looking up, I noticed the stark contrast between the white, snow covered roofs and the black exhaust vents rising out of them (see the photo I took of the moment above). My attention then became drawn to the sky and the shade of gray that it was. My mind started blending the white snow with the black vent and realized that the gray was a balance of the two colors. The words "as without, so within", came to my mind. I started to think that this contrast and blending of colors is a metaphor for what happens inside of us all the time.

As conscious beings, we constantly have to choose, and yes, sometimes even struggle, with the dark and light that lives inside of us. Often, we give much of our energy to this struggle and forget to find the joy. But, what if we could learn to blend these two, extreme, sides of ourselves and create that gray area where we can go when we need to find the balance? Notice the wall art of the sun and moon in balance... Maybe that path I shoveled wasn’t just for the dog, but an opening for me to find my way.

I love you,

Sharon My dog, LUNA E SOLE

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