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Enjoy listening to this Solfeggio Frequency as you read.

Desert Sojourn 417Hz
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Having spent much time with Lee Ann Fortunado-Heltzel's channeled frequency MetaArt titled Peace at my wellness center, it began to speak to me about spreading peace in the world and it's not as hard as one might think.

Two weeks ago, Peace suddenly fell off the wall and by doing so, naturally grabbed my attention. I felt like it had a message for me, for all of us.

It was held up by a fairly strong wire that just snapped for no apparent reason. I asked Peace what message it needed for me to understand and convey. I grabbed a chair and started meditating with it.

“As within, so without” are the words that came to me and the yellow in the center jumped out at me. Recognizing this as the color of the solar plexus, I began to understand that peace begins inside of us. If we could only transmute those negative emotions of fear and worry into peace. And then the yellow began to ripple out from the center. And again, I understood its message. When we have peace inside of us, that peace ripples out to those around us.

Can you imagine if we all held the feeling of Peace/peace inside of us. We could change the world!!!

I invite you to meditate with peace and as you breathe deeply, breath in peace and breathe out fear and worry. Let's do this my friends, let's be the change we want to see in the world!

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