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Inherited Family Trauma and Early Attachment Trauma

Updated: Feb 18

Inherited Family Trauma is about unconscious entanglements with family members from previous generations. Family, in all its complexity and beauty, carries with it trauma throughout the generations which unbeknownst to us, we pass on to our children to carry on. Unless we do the work to heal this trauma, it goes on insidiously, throughout our family lineage, infecting all the future generations. However, if we do the work to connect with our ancestors and heal this trauma we heal the past, present and future. Yes, we do have the power to end this trauma in this lifetime and frankly, our ancestors are on the other side rooting for us and counting on us to do this great work…well, most of them anyway. Read my story below for an example of how this happens and what can be revealed in a session.

DISCLAIMER: This is energetic, soul level work..This is not psychiatric or clinical therapy work. If you are in need of the services of a psychologist or clinical therapist, you will need to see one independent of this work.

Symptoms are a Doorway to Healing

It was 3 o’clock in the morning and I woke up with the feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest. Why was I sweating and why was it so hard to breathe? I had been sleeping so peacefully, so why this sudden feeling of impending doom. I got up and walked to the bathroom hoping the feeling of the cool marble flooring under my feet would help me feel better. Instead, the world started to spin and I had to sit down, before I fell down. I was one month away from my 42nd birthday and I was having my first panic attack.

The panic attack eased after I went to the ER and had a stress test done, only to find out that there was nothing wrong with me except maybe some mild acid reflux. The breathing issue didn’t improve though. I would be driving and have to pull over because I couldn’t take in a deep enough breath to keep my oxygen saturation level up and I would become dizzy and feel faint. This is not a good thing for anyone, but I was also driving my young children around which made it worse. What could possibly be wrong with me? I was in perfect health, except for this.

I also had this strange belief that if I became ill, my husband would think I was weak and unproductive and leave me. And if something was really wrong with me, my children would be left without a mother. There was no reason for me to have these fears, and yet I couldn’t shake the feeling.

This was 2007 and I would undergo a series of tests and endoscopies only to be told I was fine. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Eventually the breathing issue improved a bit, but every now and then I would still feel like I couldn’t take in a deep enough breath…

…The year was 1923 and Great Grandma Rosaria laid in her bed barely able to breath. She developed a case of pneumonia. In the early 1900’s, pneumonia was a death sentence. As her 12 year old daughter, Elizabeth (my grandma), sat by her side watching her mothers strained breathing, she feared the worst. Wanting more time to know her mother, Elizabeth prayed for her health to return.

When Elizabeth’s father, Giovani, arrived home from work he showed no compassion, in fact, his only comment  to his wife Rosaria was, “Are you still laying in that bed? Where’s my dinner?” What Rosaria heard in those words is “You are worthless to me. You’re only worth as much as you can produce.” And the feeling those words produced inside of Rosaria would be passed down throughout the generations.

A few short days later, Rosaria  breathed her last breath and left my grandmother Elizabeth and her other 6 young children alone, without a mother. Rosaria was only 42 years old.

Unbeknownst to me, in 1923, at the age of 42, the same age as I was approaching, my great grandmother, Rosaria was having the exact same symptoms, due to pneumonia, that I had no explanation for, and my grandmother only 12 at the time,   would have this trauma embedded in her DNA. She would pass that trauma on to my mother, who would pass it on to me and my sisters and we would pass this on to our children. What was also passed on was the cruel words my great grandfather said to Rosaria as she lay dying and I held those words inside of me and believed them to be true for me and I then projected them onto my husband. I was even able to discover the event that triggered it for me.

We can’t be afraid to feel the pain, we need to go through it to get past it. Holding it and burying it deeper inside only leads to illness in our own body. And who needs that, right?

Since I have been doing this work on myself, I have been able to put the puzzle pieces together and give a new perspective to issues which have arisen in my life. Healing each and every one with the new realization that this wasn't my trauma to carry. It was passed to me from the women and men who came before me. I can now take in a deep breath and breathe out all worry and concern as well as honor those who came before me and those who will come after me by completing this healing soul mastery work.

If you are interested in working out these solutions for your own personal issues, this great work that can be done through an Inherited Family Trauma /Early Attachment Session. Schedule your discovery call.

This is not psychiatric or clinical therapy work.

This is energetic, soul level work and I use a variety of tools including, but not limited to, my certification in Mark Wolynn's Inherited Family Trauma work.

If you are in need of the services of a psychologist or clinical therapist, you will need to see one independent of this work.

My family background is steeped in rich heritage. Born into a strict Italian/Slovenian Catholic family, I am the product of immigrants who arrived in this country with little more than the clothes on their backs. My Slovenian grandparents, married and came to America. They bore twelve children, and tragically lost six in infancy, leaving my father as the youngest of the surviving six.

On the Italian side, my great-grandparents, came to America and gave birth to my grandfather and three other children before moving back to Italy to give birth to six more children, three of whom died between 3 days and two years old. My grandfather returned to America 22 years later and married my grandmother who’s family also immigrated to America from Italy. Together they raised a sizable family of ten children, with eight still among the living, three of them surpassing the age of ninety. This has resulted in a sprawling extended family, and during my formative years, I was blessed with 33 first cousins on my Italian side, most of us growing up together in Lawrenceville. It was a time of abundant playmates, a true blessing.

When I think of the loss of the babies my grandparents and great-grandparents suffered, the pain is right there for me as if I suffered it myself, and yet I did, I’ve had five pregnancies, but only 4 living children. I suffered a miscarriage at twelve weeks when I was pregnant for the third time.  And I just saw this repeat itself in my youngest daughter, who was born directly after that miscarriage, through the loss of her child during pregnancy. This is called inherited family trauma. And yes, I am crying as I write this, because every time we tell the story, the emotion of the trauma is right there. This trauma is doomed to repeat itself generation after generation until the root cause is worked out. We don’t have to suffer by holding on to the pain. We can release that emotion and ascend our suffering on this physical plane. There is a place of understanding and forgiveness we can achieve if we do the deep work. That’s what I am working on now. It is not disrespectful to those that are lost to let go. It is our duty and their joy for us to live our fullest and happiest lives by working through the pain.

Take the courageous step to delve into a deeper understanding of yourself and embrace a life of harmony and joy. Contact me today for a discovery call and embark on this transformative journey towards healing and connection.

Sessions can be done in person and online. Often one two hour session is all you will need, however some people may require more and follow up sessions may be needed.

This is energetic, soul level work...This is not psychiatric or clinical therapy work. If you are in need of the services of a psychologist or clinical therapist, you will need to see one independent of this work.

P.S. I believe that everyone can benefit from this work, if you have a true and valid needs based request, I will consider your request for a discount.

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