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Healing our Wounds…Healing the Planet

Evolving into the Golden Age

Learning to balance the dark and light that lives inside...

What do our wounds have to do with healing the planet?

How can we help to rise above the current frequency of the planet?

I was making breakfast and feeling immense gratitude for my tribe. Then I started to think about how despite coming from various backgrounds, we were all attracted to be part of the same community.

The beauty of my tribe is that there is non judgement among us. We respect one another's path and where we currently are on that path. We do not see each other as a color, a gender, a shape or size, but with total unconditional loving acceptance of being a spiritual being having a human experience, no matter what that is. We support one another and help each other move forward.

From the macrocosm to the microcosm

Then my mind started to expand upon that… (this part may sound strange because it is information that hasn't been vastly shared) most of our souls originated in different star systems, where we were many colors (not the same as Earth), shapes and sizes and that didn’t matter, because we all vibrated at the same frequency, LOVE, and we all had a soul mission to fulfill. So, through the process of death and reincarnation, we came to this planet to raise the vibration of the Earth. We all somehow found one another through an appointment we made in another space and time.

Simply mystical and amazing!

When I start having these expansive thoughts, I connect with the macrocosm and suddenly information starts to flow through me like a dam that has broken open and I have to sit down and write.

The lesson for today is how we need to heal the wounds of the past in order to heal the wounds of the planet.

We are taught from birth that the mistreatment of our ancestors is a burden we must bear and continue to hold onto and pass on to our future generations.

We are taught from birth to hold onto fear, victim status, and all the suffering man can imagine.

And that is just what it is, imagination.

We imagine that someone did us wrong.

We imagine that we can’t let go of the abuse we or our ancestors suffered at the hands of others.

We imagine that we are the avengers of all these wrongs.


Conditioning…We are taught that this is what is expected of us as a society. If we step out of the normal thinking of society, we are judged as having something wrong with us. And so we are afraid to stand up against the status quo for fear of being outcast. After all we all have a need to belong, so we may even choose a path that's out of alignment with our soul just to fit in.

Perspective… We are looking at things through the eyes of someone that has been wronged, so we are unable to see the opportunity to grow beyond the circumstances. As long as we hold onto the suffering, we cannot heal. When we suffer, we hold onto lower vibrational emotions and our frequency is lowered. Forgive the past and blossom into the beautiful butterfly you are.

Lack of Self-love…We have never been taught what self love is, so we believe that we must suffer. We are taught that we are sinners and salvation is hard to come by. Learning how to love ourselves makes it impossible to allow suffering into our lives.

The human condition…Inability to identify the enemy and the constant battle between dark and light. The enemy is not those who you may feel have wrong you. It is not a group of people. The enemy lives in each one of us and if we choose to give it power or allow others to feed it, it will continue to make us suffer. There is both dark and light that lives in all of us. They both serve us. Either can go out of balance by feeding one or the other too much energy, but If we learn to feed both equally, they can live in balance inside of us and work to help us move forward and heal. Don’t kill the enemy, heal the enemy.

Why does suffering and being a victim have such a hold on us?

Because it is a known feeling. One that we have had for many, many years and frankly, we are comfortable in that space, even though we complain to others that we are unhappy with our current circumstance and life just isn't going the way we want it to. And everyone around us seems to support us feeling this way. But remember, our thoughts create, so if our life isn't going the way we want it to, we can change our thoughts about it and start seeing ourselves living the lives that we been dreaming of.

But does it really serve us if we suffer? NO! What I am saying to you now is that it does not serve us in any way, so we must stop pouring salt on old wounds and leave our comfort zone and create a new emotion. Let go of our old archetypes and grab onto new ones.

When we heal and raise our vibration, we also raise the vibration of the Earth.

This world of suffering we have been living in is all an illusion of our imagination and a false narrative that has been passed down for millennia. It is time to take a peek through the veil of the illusion, forgive the past and step into a future filled with joy. And in doing so, we can heal the planet.

I love you,


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