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About our Let There Be Light Experience

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Spectro-Chrome Color/Light Therapy with 5 Therapy PEMF Mat

Spectro-Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible light spectrum (think of the colors of a rainbow) of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases. It is a centuries-old concept used successfully over the years to cure various diseases using specific colored filters and lighting.

And as an extra bonus, we use a professional 5 Therapy Healthy Wave PEMF mat with far-infrared light, photon therapy, crystal therapy and negative ion therapy all in one mat to leave you feeling relaxed, regenerated and rebalanced. This mat helps treat an variety of conditions including joint and muscle pain, trigeminal neuralgia, stress, anxiety and more. Also great for post work out soreness.

Research has shown surprising benefits across a wide range of ailments and issues including but not limited to,

  • Muscle recovery

  • Sleep enhancement

  • Improved Healing of an injury or condition

  • Bone density & healing

  • Energy level

  • Improved Cellular Regeneration

  • Improved Immune System

  • Increases your lymphatic system and blood circulation

  • Provide pain relief

  • Reduce inflammation & swelling

  • Improve healing after injury or surgery

  • Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis

  • Improve general well being

  • Reduce fatigue (researched in MS patients)

  • Normal systolic blood pressure

  • Improve tissue regeneration potential

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies) are not EMF's

PEMF therapy is in fact quite different from what are commonly referred to as EMFs, electro-magnetic fields.

PEMF is used for short durations and mostly PEMFs will look much like the low frequency we experience in nature from the Earth, compared to EMFs comprising a wide spectrum of everything from power lines to X-rays to Bluetooth speakers & TVs all emitting an unnaturally elevated range of EMF frequencies.

NASA uses these type of mats to rebalance the astronauts bodies after a trip to space.

Brief history of Spectro-Chrome Therapy

Sun is not hard to come by in Egypt and the ancient Egyptians used this to their advantage. They understood the healing power of the sun's vibratory electromagnetic frequency and were able to use chromotherapy through openings in the ceilings of the temples to direct the sun's light onto patients to heal them of certain ailments. Think of how wonderful you feel after soaking up the sun's rays.

In the 1920’ Dr. Dinshah followed his intuition and began working with light and color to heal certain diseases. He discovered that with the use of light and 12 proper color filter combinations, patients could recover more quickly and in some cases be healed by the use of his carefully researched methods. There are even eye physicians who currently use this method to cure vision problems without surgery or corrective lenses.

In later years, John Ott was hired by Disney to do time lapse photography of the life cycle of plants. While filming he accidentally stumbled across the importance of using full-spectrum light in his work with growing plants for them to grow as if they were planted outdoors in direct sunlight. The lack of certain parts of the spectrum in fluorescent and incandescent lighting made it impossible for the plants to grow properly. Even the lighting offered for home use today lacks certain parts of the spectrum. This finding helped to further the knowledge that full spectrum lighting with the proper filters mimic the sun's light for use in healing.

Dr Kate Baldwin, who used Dr. Dinshah’s spectro-chrome therapy at her women's hospital, saw improvement in her patients' conditions such as sprains, bruises, glaucoma, cataract and they even recovered faster after surgery. But, even with all the research and proof of patients' recovery, Dr. Dinshah’s work was discredited by the medical society because it threatened big Pharmaceuticals from getting richer. So instead of adopting noninvasive and drug free treatments, they awarded a nobel prize to a German biochemist named Gerhard Domagk in the late 1930’s for successfully treating bacterial infections with sulfanilamide, and thus an era of pharmacological dominance and overly prescribed antibiotics emerged that overshadowed the non intrusive therapies.

Light at the end of the tunnel

With MRSA infections on the rise due to physicians over prescribing antibiotics, doctors and people in general are looking beyond modern medicine and back at the ancient practices that allowed patients to heal naturally from the resources at hand.

Although there is no substitute for simply getting out into the sun, (and for high blood pressure, that may be all you need) during the dark, cold days of winter you can come inside and lay on the Biomat which heats up with infrared therapy (it does the work of a sauna, without the sweat) and amethyst crystals while you have a spectro-chrome treatment with full spectrum lighting and the 12 color filters Dinshah used.

You can choose from a session to simply balance out your chakras or we can treat specific conditions such as SADD, lymes disease and many more. By filling out our intake form we will be able to ask some questions and use the proper filters and music to treat your symptoms.

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