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About Akashic Records Soul, Mind and Body Alignment

Example of a Soul Vibrational Makeup Chart:

Akashic Records for Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment

The Akashic records are a quantum space where all the memories from all of our past lifetimes, past, present and future are kept.

Through all of the lives that we live as we incarnate over and over again, the only thing that changes is the body we incarnate into. We arrive into that new body with the same soul, but we also bring along the same energetic blockages we created in those previous lifetimes. If we have not cleared or learned from the karma from a previous life, it travels with us to give us the opportunity to learn from it and turn into Dharma in our current lifetime.

Sharon will go into the Akashic records on your behalf to create your personal soul vibrational chart and also clear energy blockages found through the Akashic Records. Sharon will then sit down with you and explain her findings and tell you how to use this information in your personal life to work within the vibration of your own soul. Your soul vibrational chart can help to see what field of study or work would best suit you.

Through her reading of your Akashic records and your soul vibrational chart, Sharon can help figure out what is holding you back from stepping into the space of joy you fully live the life you deserve.

This work is perfect before a past life regression, because it can help you know what to ask to learn about your past life and how it can help you transform your present life into its full potential.

A copy of your soul vibrational chart, energetic blockage chart, along with an appointment with Sharon to sit down and discuss your chart.

Example of an Energy Blockage chart before and after clearing:

To purchase an Akashic Records Reading with Sharon, please go to our services page and click button to go to our booking app.

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