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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The Tortoise and the Hare

I love children's books and I loved when my children were small and would ask me to sit on their beds and read to them. They had insatiable appetites and inquisitive minds. They devoured one story after another until they fell asleep listening. I always recognized the morals to the stories on a linear thinking level, but today I realized so much more... on a quantum level. Today, I realized the man who wrote the Tortoise and the Hare, Aesop, was a genius. Really??? Yes, Really!!! Aesop was a slave and a story teller in Ancient Greece. He was a wise man and he shared his knowledge in the simplest way he knew how, the art of storytelling.

So, today as I was working through a new thought that I had about the number 369. I was drawing the infinity symbol and suddenly, I understood something more and the Universe began describing it by reminding me of the story “Tortoise and the Hare”. Aesop, on some level, understood Tesla's 369 Theory. I wonder if his writing of this children’s fable was a divine download or did he intentionally write those words with the awareness that he was developing a story to describe the importance of the numbers 369? If you want my opinion, I say it was both. He was connected to Universal wisdom and was creative enough to make it onto a story so the message was a lot easier to understand. More on being receptive to the message in my next blog. Now, lets journey into the rabbit hole to find out more about 369 and discuss this further...



Okay, let's look at these two diagrams. There's a lot going on there, right? On the left, you see the constant flow of energy through the Infinity symbol. You see polarity, north/south, positive/negative. This polarity is what keeps the energy flowing. Remember, opposites attract. It is a continual exchange of energy, giving and receiving. When we are using higher emotions such as love and joy, there is a connection to Source energy (pure love) and the energy is in a constant, perpetual flow nourishing us. We are standing at the bottom or negative, south, and Source energy is at the top, positive, north. Less effort is needed, because we are receptive to the giving energy. When we connect with Source energy, we receive vital life force energy (Prana, Ki, Chi) to use as (energy) fuel.

A free flow of energy is exactly like the blood flow through the body. We take in a breath, the lungs oxygenate the blood, the blood circulates through our body and it comes back up for life giving oxygen.

Our body in the unrestricted flow

The chakras are in alignment and a toroidal field is created

Similarly, a blockage in energy can be compared to a deep sea diver that can’t come up for air. There is a resistance in the energy flow due to lack of oxygen. Eventually death ensues. In the end all life begins and ends with the breath.

And on the right side of the chart, you see an energy blockage and how the energy flows when we are holding lower emotions. The blockage, again creates a resistance and moves the energy in a circular motion instead of a figure 8. Because a blockage is created, we use more energy trying to pass through the blockage to gather life force energy. This extra effort is like swimming upstream against the current and leaves us exhausted from the effort, and with no life force energy left to support our being. If the blockage stays there long enough, it loses it life force and becomes stagnated energy that leads to disease. But, how does this relate to the tortoise and the hare?

It's simple. Let’s say the tortoise represents the constant flow of energy. He/she calmly takes his time, “goes with the flow” and finishes, winning the race with very little effort and energy use on his/her part. The hare on the other hand uses all of his/her energy trying to win the race but becomes too tired to actually finish. He/she represents the drainage of energy through extra effort.

Slow and steady wins the race my friends. Raise your vibrations and stay in the flow.

If you want to learn even more about energy and 369, please read my previous blog, “E=mc2 and Tesla’s 369 Theory Simplified”.

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