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Sat, Nov 18


Evolutionary Minded Wellness

Spiritual Spa Days

Looking for a day out with your besties? Want to do something fun but meaningful? Looking for ways to give yourself a day of self care?

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Spiritual Spa Days
Spiritual Spa Days

Time & Location

Nov 18, 2023, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Evolutionary Minded Wellness, 203 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15223, USA

About the Event


Looking for a day out with your besties?

Want to do something fun but meaningful?

Looking for ways to give yourself a day of self care?

Let’s face it, we all deserve a break. All this running around, juggling kids, work, the house and dealing with the daily pressures of life, have us all stuck in fight or flight. The daily stress is real.

It’s time to restore the balance so you can live your best life.

We have put together Spiritual Spa Day packages for you to do just that. These packages were designed to help you relax, refresh and restore harmony to your mind, body and soul. You and your friends will be talking about this experience long after you leave.

And guys, this isn't just for the ladies, it's for you too!

If you are a single person wishing to give yourself some self-care and just want experience a spa day for yourself without bringing your friends, no problem, please contact Sharon via email and we can discuss details.

We've changed the flow of the spa day a bit. Our first spa day gave us an indication of where we could do better.  Each session can accommodate between 3 guests. Each guest will rotate every 45 minutes to a different practitioner for a healing session.

We will pause for a break in between to enjoy light snacks, mimosa's, water or tea. During this time, we will also talk about your experience in the first sessions.

Many Spa packages can often run between $400 - $800, and sure you leave relaxed, but if you're not given the tools to help you stay in that state, once you resume your normal routine, your back in stress mode and those lower emotions return.

With our Spiritual Spa Package, you'll not only leave feeling relaxed, but we will help you release the things that no longer serve you...those heavy feelings that keep you stuck in lower emotional states.

We will start by having you set and intention and then it's just about allowing the energy work do it's magic to transmute and clear the blocked energy causing you to stay in those lower states of emotion.

So, how much do our Spiritual Spa Packages cost?

Our practitioners have agreed to offer their services at a reasonable rate, so that we are able to offer you these amazing services for the low cost $320/person for 3Hours of quality, transformative self care.

Scroll down for more information on services provided for each of the spa days.

2. CHOOSE 3 SERVICES (one from each practitioner...Sharon, Karen and Angela)


Reiki, which means life force energy, is an ancient Japanese hands on healing art that helps clear blockages and disruptions in a person's body. Using Reiki and energy medicine techniques, my role as an energy worker is not only to help energy flow through your subtle body, but also to help you lower resistance to the sensations you are experiencing which will allow you to move more energy to your chakras and tap into your inner energy or inner aliveness and start living the life of joy you deserve.

When you come in, Sharon will ask you what your intention is for your healing session. Sharon will then work on clearing the energy that is causing you blockages.


The Akashic records are a quantum space where all the memories from all of our past lifetimes, past, present and future are kept.

Through all of the lives that we live as we incarnate over and over again, the only thing that changes is the body we incarnate into. We arrive into that new body with the same soul, but we also bring along the same energetic blockages we created in those previous  lifetimes. If we have not cleared or learned from the karma from a previous life, it travels with us to give us the opportunity to learn from it and turn into Dharma in our current lifetime.

Choose from:



  • Learn what your Dominant Soul Energies are (no chart with this option)
  • Learn the Origin of your Soul

Using your full birth name, month, day, year of birth and place of birth, Sharon will go into your Akashic records and create charts with the above information. We will go over the information at your appointment and you will be able to ask further questions.


Our Chakras often carry blockages from our current life, past life and ancestral blockages and karmic blockages. These blockages can be at physical, mental and emotional levels.

After discussing your chart at the appointment, Sharon will do the clearing portion of the chart in person.


Utilizing her intuitive psychic skills, Karen sees and discusses your whole soul journey – starting with an introduction to a few of your team members on the other side. Meet your Spirit Guides, Angels, and passed over loved ones. Learn more about your past lives and much more.


Angela, The Rose Heart Shaman, is a spiritual healer who connects with your spirit allies and guardian angels to restore the Rose Heart and the Rainbow Light of the Divine in your body.

Based on your specific intention for this session, Angela will assist you in letting go of what is no longer your burden, pain, worry, suffering, or emotional trauma to carry. It is personalized to you and based on a part of your being that you wish to set free and release to the Divine.

To optimize your time with Angela, it is recommended you have your intention ready at the start of your session.

Angela works with multiple Earth crystals to heal, soothe, and remove harmful and detrimental energy from one’s field. From her collection of crystals, you will discover the stones that want to help you based on your unique intention.

During this session, Angela will work with you, the crystals and your intention to release what you want to let go of. Whether emotional, mental or physical pain, suffering, or a burden you no longer wish to carry, it’s a crystal healing approach based on the laws of attraction that may surprise you.

The crystals of Mother Earth are waiting to heal you. Join us and restore the lost connection to Mother Earth and return to her loving embrace.

3. Choose from the available dates: September 17th(no spots remaining),  October 14th or  November 18th(one spot remaining)

4. Email us your service options from the list above for the day

Less than 3 people? No problem!

If you have only yourself or 2 people in your group, please email me and I will go over the details for smaller groups.

Smaller groups can choose from the dates September 9th, October 1st, or and will be limited to just Angela and Sharon for services.

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