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Sat, Sep 03


Evolutionary Minded Wellness

Spiritual Spa Days

Relax, Refresh and Restore Harmony!

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Spiritual Spa Days
Spiritual Spa Days

Time & Location

Sep 03, 2022, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT

Evolutionary Minded Wellness, 203 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15223, USA

About the Event

Our community of healers have put together packages with your wellbeing in mind. These packages were designed to restore balance and harmony to your body, mind and soul.

Only four guests will be able to sign up for each time slot. 

You will rotate through 4 practitioners and each session will last 30 minutes.

The cost for two hours of bliss is only $250

Offerings for September 3rd 

Reiki with Sharon

Self Love and Sexual Awakening with Nicole

Chakra Balancing using Tuning Forks with Dena

Ocular Meditation with MetaArt and Active Immersive Meditation with Lee Ann

Reiki with Sharon

Reiki, which means life force energy, is an ancient Japanese hands on healing art that helps clear blockages and disruptions in a person's body. Using Reiki and energy medicine techniques, my role as an energy worker is not only to help energy flow through your subtle body, but also to help you lower resistance to the sensations you are experiencing which will allow you to move more energy to your chakras and tap into your inner energy or inner aliveness and start living the life of joy you deserve.

When you come in, Sharon will ask you what your intention is  for your healing session. Sharon will then work on clearing the energy that is causing you blockages.

Self-love and Sexual Awakening with Nicole

Our sexual energy is our life-force energy, is our creative energy, is the flow of Shakti through us, is our magical power.  They are divinely connected as a seamless bio emotional-energetic movement, and cannot be separated.  When we begin to understand our sexual energy through self awareness, self love and self care, we become powerful Creators of our own destiny.  In this 30-min session you will learn starting points to connect with this potent part of yourself and just how big its healing capacity really is.

Nicole Trombley is a Priestess, healer and Teacher of the Divine Feminine.  Through the worlds of corporate wellness, integrative oncology and spiritual mentorship, she has helped countless souls reconnect to their innate Divinity and healing capacity. Together with the energies of nature, womb awakening (ancient feminine shamanic practices), the Magdalene lineage (serpent priestesses), her ancestral magic, Reiki, crystals, plant medicine (herbs, flowers, essential oils) along with intuitive coaching, she creates a powerful experience of quantum healing for individuals, groups and companies.

Chakra balancing with Tuning Forks with Dena

Everything is energy. All energy has vibration/frequency.

By using frequency (tuning forks), we can positively affect our mood, stress level, and help to

open our energetic pathways (chakras). This happens through the Law of Entrainment.

Tuning forks are a non-invasive, gentle tool used to help align and balance your chakras.

Using several resonant forks on and around the body, you will receive a beautiful Chakra Tune


Here’s a quick look:

Earth Star Chakra (below the feet)

o Check for optimal positioning

o Align if necessary

o Create a clear flow of energy through your central channel (balance and align all

7 main chakras), one at a time

o Strengthen your connection to Gaia

Sun Star Chakra (above the crown)

o Check for optimal positioning

o Align if needed

o Create a clear flow of energy through your central channel, (all 7 main chakras),

one at a time

o Strengthen your connection to Source/Creative Force/Universal Light


o You’ll receive an etheric cocoon, helping you hold and maintain your alignment!

Your Facilitator

Dena DeLuco has been in the healing arts for over 15 years. With a background in Reiki, NLP

Coaching, and Hypnotherapy, along with her own advancements in Energy Healing, Dena is a

pioneer in helping you create the shifts and transformations you need to move past anything

that’s been blocking you, stopping you or holding you back!

Her methods are simple AND highly effective.

MetaArt Ocular Meditation and Immersive Meditation with Lee Ann

MetaArt & Ocular Meditation

Where art becomes a portal to higher consciousness

MetaArt is a new genre of visual art that actively transforms the space it inhabits to that of a specific frequency. Imagine a form of art that creates a portal directly into higher conscious realms transforming the space and unconsciously enlightening and inspiring the individual.

Imagine walking into a room that is vibrating with the frequency of Peace, gracefully shifting all who enter into a state of Peace within themselves. Or Joy, Love, etc., depending on the painting.

Ocular Meditation or an ‘eyes open ‘practice, is a new way to meditate with the MetaArt much like the ancient act of ‘gazing’.

Vision is one of the strongest of the human senses and assimilates our surroundings. Our vision is connected to the ‘third eye’ as the retina sends signals to the hypothalamus, which passes them on to the pineal gland. So, it makes sense to use our eyes during meditation.  

With MetaArt, we can step through that portal from this reality into higher states of consciousness effortlessly as the imagery bypasses our intellect and interacts with our sub and super consciousness

as well as our connection to the Divine.


Born a creative empath, Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel is most comfortable unearthing her next grandest

adventure exploring what is possible within the capabilities of human potential and integrating these qualities into practical applications.

Decades of exploring spirituality and human potential through mentors like Jean Houston and

Deepak Chopra, gifted healers and her own path, have led Lee Ann to trust more and more in her

own extraordinary capacities. To Lee Ann, creativity and imagination are gateways into higher

consciousness and are the cornerstone of her work.

By trade, Lee Ann is a visual artist, art director, graphic designer, and owner of Creative One, a

multi-dimensional marketing firm catering to conscious creatives and leading-edge thinkers.

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