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Sat, Nov 11


Evolutionary Minded Wellness

Family Constellations: Rewrite Your Legacy

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges life throws your way? Do you long for a life of balance, health, and success? Uncover the secrets to living a harmonious life through this Family Constellation Workshop...This link is for those doing their own Family Constellation

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Family Constellations: Rewrite Your Legacy
Family Constellations: Rewrite Your Legacy

Time & Location

Nov 11, 2023, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Evolutionary Minded Wellness, 203 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15223, USA

About the Event

What does living a life in balance mean?

Family constellation workshop


Facilitated by Kimberly June, LCSW, LMT  You can see more about Kim and Family Constellations at Kimberly's website: 

To learn more about Kim:

To learn more about Family Constellations:

If you are signing up to be a Representative in other peoples Constellation, register using the link below.

REPRESENTATIVES register here:

Are you perplexed by the amount of drama, bad luck, overwhelm, failures, and challenges are you facing life and feel like nothing ever goes your way?

Are you plagued by illness, addictions, anxiety, depression, feelings of powerlessness, and/or self – sabotage?

Do you feel concerned that you were trapped in painful family patterns?

Are you afraid of passing such patterns onto your children and grandchildren?

If you answered, "YES", to any of these questions, a Family constellation workshop for integration or healing is for you!

Identify the ways, you unconsciously block health and success, due to deep-seated loyalty, loyalty to ancestors

During this workshop you will:

Understand how energetics attachments to the destiny of one or more elders or ancestors, have hindered  you and fulfilling your unique destiny

  • Identify how you create suffering to remain connected to those who came before you
  • Learn to break free from these unconscious patterns and deep loyalties, which restores your own vitality, strength, tranquility, and dignity.

Family constellation is a life-changing experience!

Pre-registration is required. Don't delay if you are considering signing up...Space is extremely limited due to the intensity of the work being done...we will have a waitlist set up for those who wish to do it but don't get their spot before we sell out.


***Please Read:

Everyone coming will be a participant in the Family Constellation process.  You will either register to do your own constellation, or register as a "Representative" for someone doing their own Constellation, without you doing your own Constellation. Feel free to call me to clarify this if you find it confusing...Sharon 412-226-6119.

REPRESENTATIVES register here:

REPRESENTATIVES for another person doing their Family Constellation:

Those who are doing their own Family Constellation are encouraged to also register a friend or family member to be of support. This support person is called a "Representative". 

  • Representatives will need to register also, but will pay less than the person doing their constellation as they will act as a "eyes" for you and a representative in other peoples constellations as well.
  • Family Constellation Therapy benefits the person receiving the therapy and the group members (representatives) participating as stand-ins for the actual family members. 
  • Read more about family constellations at bottom of page.


  • Is to be a second set of “eyes” for the person doing the Constellation to help them remember and continue to process the experience after it is over.
  • The other role is for them to be representatives in OTHER peoples Constellations in the group.

Representatives as well as those doing their own Family Constellation, will all be participants through the entire process.

REPRESENTATIVES register here:



There are two levels of registration: 

There will be two choices to pick from at checkout:

  •  Option 1: FAMILY CONSTELLATION is for the Person doing their Family Constellation. $225
  • Option 2: is for the Representative for person doing their Family Constellation.  $100  (see details of Repersentative above)
  • REPRESENTATIVES register here:

***If you are the REPRESENTATIVE register here:

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Sharon at you!

Don't delay if you are considering signing up...Space is extremely limited due to the intensity of the work being done...we will have a waitlist set up for those who wish to do it but don't get their spot before we sell out. 


Learn More about Family Constellations:

What Is Family Constellation Therapy?

Developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, Family Constellation Therapy is a type of group therapyled by a therapist or facilitator with special training in the technique. In Family Constellation Therapy, the person participating or receiving the therapy selects other members of the group to serve as stand-ins for his or her actual family members. These people are arranged in a circle, called the family constellation. The surrogates or stand-ins hear about the family history or the issue of concern to the person receiving the therapy. Then the stand-ins are asked to describe how they feel or anything they think regarding the connection between the family members they are portraying and the person getting the therapy. This process frequently leads to a greater sense of understanding and empathy.

What Types of Issues Are Addressed Through Family Constellation Therapy?

Family Constellation Therapy looks at the family as a system and the individual’s role in that system. This can lead to exploring family relationships from generations back and how those impact the present. Family systems frequently have unspoken rules or laws, and problems often occur when someone fails to follow these laws. These are the roots of the beliefs we have that may not work for us anymore, may not be healthy, and may not even be accurate.

This type of therapy can be particularly helpful when dealing with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. For these issues, people frequently talk about a genetic predisposition to these conditions or learned behaviors, that can carry on down through multiple generations. In Family Constellation Therapy, you may find that your current issues and behaviors have roots from previous generations that you hadn’t realized.

Benefits of Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation Therapy benefits the person receiving the therapy and the group members participating as stand-ins for the actual family members. The person receiving the therapy stands outside the circle and is able to observe dynamics and connections that he or she may not have considered before. The stand-ins are new to the particular situation–they don’t know the person’s family history and or the particular situation being addressed, so they can bring fresh insights and give the person different perspectives to consider. The actual family members being portrayed aren’t there, so the person seeking the therapy is free from worrying about the possibility of hurting their feelings or suffering repercussions for sharing a family secret. The people serving as stand-ins benefit in a couple of key ways. They may recognize aspects of themselves and their family generational dynamics and may gain a greater understanding of their own situation or trauma. In addition, being a surrogate in Family Constellation Therapy is a powerful way for them to be of service, which is an important aspect of the 12-Step philosophy.

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